Noctua NH-D15 2nd Gen at Computex 2023


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Jun 20, 2023
Looks like Noctua is doing it again. Seven years after launching the NH-D15, Noctua announces a new version of the beast (not sure if it's going to keep the name though), and it comes with quite a few updates.

The new version will have two more heat pipes (8) than its predecessors (6 in D14 and D15), a larger cold plate, increased fin stack density, and an offset design for better PCIe clearance with 9mm less overall depth.

Regarding the fans and accessories, it will come with next-gen 140mm fans, an offset mounting system for the AM5 socket to provide better contact with the CCDs, with NA-TPG1 thermal paste guard, and a direct die mounting kit.

The expected thermal improvement from the current model is 2-4 degrees. 🤯
The current ETA is Q2 2024.

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I wouldn't count on RGB products from Noctua at all, and I hope it will stay that way. Actually, I'm completely fine with their original color scheme. 🙄

It's Noctua, it's the best engineered fan you can get, and you shouldn't miss it by any means. 😁

They did awesome job with the all black NH-D15 though.
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The new Noctua NM-DD1, direct die kit for delidded AMD AM5 processors.
10-15⁰C lower temps 🥶