Czech startup Behavio raises €2.25M to democratize brand marketing

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  • Behavio, a company specializing in behavioral brand measurement technology, raised €2.25 million in late-seed funding from Airbridge Equity Partners, marks its second investment round.
  • Founded in Prague by five marketing experts, Behavio launched its brand tracking and ad testing tools in 2022 and 2023, achieving rapid growth.
  • Behavio now tracks brands and ads in 13 countries across Europe, America, and Asia.

The company has gained the trust of prominent global marketers, including Radim Svoboda – former President at McCann Worldgroup, NYC, and one of the architects of Samsung’s global strategy –who recently came on board as an executive advisor.

“Our goal is to enable marketers to make truly resonant brand marketing and to easily prove its business value to the CEO. It’s electrifying to see our vision align perfectly with the market needs,” says Jiri Boudal, Behavio’s co-founder and CEO.

“As more brands catch on to the power of top-of-the-funnel marketing, they’re on the lookout for modern tools to get it right. They don’t have the time or big budgets for old-school, project-based research that leaves you drowning in endless presentations with few helpful takeaways. That’s where we come in. We offer affordable, easy-to-navigate dashboards that show you straight away what’s hitting the mark and what needs a tweak – when it comes to specific ads or the brand health as a whole. Thanks to our advanced behavioral research methods, we provide marketers with uniquely practical insights,” Boudal noted.

Behavio is now a partner to over 400 consumer brands and agencies, including dozens of global icons like T-Mobile, LEGO, and Publicis. The majority of their customers, however, are challenger brands carving out new niches in e-commerce, fintech, online services, or food and beverage sectors – brands like Footshop, Flashscore, or Bonami.

Marek Nebesar, the company’s co-founder and COO, adds: “We’re deeply grateful to earn the trust of so many inspiring, fast-growing brands and talented marketers who love our platform and continue working with us to tailor it to their needs. Our new partnership with Airbridge Equity Partners helps us realize our vision globally. It’s rare to find such like-minded, thoughtful people. It’ll be great to have their support as we expand across the EU and the US, improving the lives and the impact of brand marketers.”

“Our investment in Behavio isn’t just a financial decision but a belief in their vision to reshape the advertising landscape by making it more effective and actionable. We’re excited to support Behavio as they expand their innovative services and continue to provide exceptional value to brands worldwide. We’ve heard from many customers that they love Behavio for being accurate, fast, easy to integrate, and providing really actionable insight, all at a very appealing price point,” says Rick van Boekel, co-founder and partner at Airbridge Equity Partners. 

Behavio plans to use the investment to develop its platform further. For example, they plan to implement artificial intelligence to provide more accurate data on how and where people focus their attention when they watch an ad. “We also want to add an AI chatbot that will highlight the most important conclusions and insights from the data collected,” Boudal adds. In addition to the AI involvement, Behavio wants to extend the platform’s existing features with more detailed data – for example, on target audiences.

To date, Behavio has secured €3.5M in funding from notable investors like Airbridge Equity Partners, Presto Ventures, J&T Ventures, and several angels, including ex-Emplifi Nik Pantovic. 

“Behavio is among the first ever investments from Presto’s second fund. We placed our bets on the savvy founders and their know-how and experience. They’re experts in the field of behavioral science and the impact of advertising on the subconscious. At the time, the software product was but a vision in the minds of the founders – today, the largest companies in the region are racing to deploy it in their advertising campaigns. For the record, since the beginning of last year, this is the 30th investment round and new investor entry into a company in our portfolio. In total, our portfolio companies have raised over €120M of mostly Western capital during this period,” adds Premysl Rubes, founder and managing partner of Presto Ventures.

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