“Odličan 3” Officially Becomes The First Serbian Supercluster

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A panel of international tech experts chose the consortium Odličan 3 as the first Serbian supercluster.

But what is a supercluster?

What are superclusters?

Superclusters are dense areas of business activity where innovation happens and where many of the middle‑class jobs of today and tomorrow are created. A Supercluster will connect members, partners, stakeholders, startups, corporates and financing bodies to accelerate economic growth. Most Superclusters are membership-based organizations, some with zero membership fees, while others receive a significant portion of their financing from their 500+ member organizations.

Superclusters a built around a single theme (i.e. solar energy, agriculture etc.)

Groups from agriculture tech, gaming & VR, medical solutions, and Web 3 and blockchain technology competed for the title of the first Serbian supercluster. The winners were from Web 3.

Odličan 3 was picked after detailed presentations and considering sustainability.

“This cluster is something that has a real effect on the community and visibly moves things in the right direction,” says Nemanja Petrović, COO of Moonstruck.

He explains Odličan 3’s network grows through shared learning and global performance.

For cluster membership, showing interest and participating in Odličan 3’s activities is enough.

The cluster is for tech trend followers and even non-industry folks. Industry members are encouraged to join. Petrović says as a small country, a united presence in the global market is powerful.

“We will continue looking for new people and teams who are doing interesting things and who are driving forces, and help them build skills through customized programmes to become even better and more successful in what they do. We will expand the programme to include women entrepreneurs (Girl Pow3r) and work with other underrepresented groups. We will further pursue our goals to decentralize knowledge and make it free and accessible. We also want to help local initiatives to grow”, Petrović concludes.

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