SEE Tech: Montenegro struggles with cybersecurity; UiPath will not pay a fine for data leak; Rural fiber optic network construction in Serbia

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  • The US State Department billboards in Montenegro promise up to 10 million dollars for information on cyber attacks. They seek data on ransomware assaults, election interference, and “malicious cyber activities” against American infrastructure. Montenegro is struggling with digital security, despite being a NATO member.
  • UiPath doesn’t want to pay a 70,000 euro fine for a data leak of 600,000 users. UiPath is a producer of automation software and the first Romanian company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has decided to challenge in court the fine imposed on it in Romania for disclosing the personal dataof the Academy Platform. The fine was 70,000 euro and was issued by the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.
  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will support rural fiber optic network construction in Serbia. The key objective of this initiative is to enhance connectivity and digital access in remote and underdeveloped regions of Serbia.
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