SEE Tech News: Tawal expands into SEE; Romania moves to the cloud; Enver Hoxha museum turned into a tech hub

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  • Saudi Arabian ICT company Tawal International Holding has officially started operating on the Southeastern European market after completing its acquisition of over 4,800 mobile towers in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. This is the second big step for the Saudi Arabian company after expanding into Pakistan. *Source
  • The Romanian government moves up on the cloud! Romania’s Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization plans to come up with four financing lines worth a total of 524 million euro to support up to 30 public institutions to migrate their databases to the government cloud. *Source
  • A museum that was constructed in Albania during the 1980s to commemorate the extended rule of Communist dictator Enver Hoxha is now being converted into a computer training center aimed at educating young people. The ex-museum, re-designed by Dutch architect Winy Maas, is preparing to host hundreds of young Albanians keen for training in computer technology and coding. *Source

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