Startup founded by FEIT professors: With smart technology to great energy efficiency

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DTK Smart-Tech LLC is a Macedonian startup that works on the development and implementation of systems for measurement, analysis and management of electricity. Primarily, the company’s focus is on the development of hardware and software for management of electricity consumption, as well as applying adjustments in order to meet the specific requirements of the clientele. In addition to the primary goal, the company strives to develop measurement instruments that can be used in industry, as well as for educational purposes.

The company was founded by three professors at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies: Vladimir Dimchev, Dimitar Tashkovski and Zivko Kokolanski. DTK Smart-Tech was established in 2015, as a spin-off company at the Faculty. They first project was successfully completed in June 2016. They also managed to develop an energy-saving system.

“The project is a complex system of hardware components, software applications, and services. The system enables measurement and integration of all electricity parameters from one or more locations, within a company. This, and more, is done from a web application that is fully accessible to users.”

The startup offers solutions that are highly flexible and adaptable to the needs of the company. Depending on the complexity of the process, one can get a detailed insight into the ways electricity is spent. With the data, the company can come up with a solution on how the users can reduce electricity consumption.

The web application NET PowerMON provides a real-time overview of all measurements, regardless of location and device. While connected to the internet, the user can easily access the necessary data via PC, tablet, laptop or smart phone. The application provides you with detailed reports on all parameters, daily and monthly reports for spent electricity, peak power consumption, and more. It is also possible to export the data and further analyze it. Since the app is developed by university professors, the team can offer their expert opinion and propose measures to optimize and reduce energy consumption. This, in turn, helps the client save money.

“The system helps companies to be more energy efficient, and to cut back on the electricity bill. The savings are especially important for the industry (such as the food or mechanical industry), but also for other companies in the public sector (hotels, administrative and residential buildings, schools, shopping centers) ” DTK Smart-Tech representative said.

The system is adaptable and can be used in different scenarios, depending on what the client would like. In addition, it is more cost-effective than any other similar solutions that is offered on the Macedonian market.

“In addition to the design, installation and maintenance of the systems, the DTK Smart-Tech team offers energy efficiency analysis as well as advice on reducing energy consumption by implementing smart strategies”

The second DTK Smart-Tech project, funded by FITR, started in December 2016 and it ended in December 2017. The system for energy management has been upgraded and expanded. It now offers the opportunity to integrate data on consumption with other types of energy and resources (such as gas, water, heat, etc.). This is possible with the device PCR-41, developed and manufactured by DTK Smart- Tech. It is a universal multi-channel impulse counter. It can read the consumption from any meter that comes equipped with an electric or light impulse output. Thas data, then, can be integrated into the energy management system.

“This is especially useful with existing processes, because one does not have to invest in new measuring equipment, but simply take advantage of the already existing measuring infrastructure.”

The startup already got its first clients. The first users of the energy management systems of DTK Smart- Tech are Park Hotel & SPA; Forza, gym; Forza, wine bar and restaurant; MIK Sv. Nikole and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies. Energy management system in ArcelorMittal is also in the process of being installed.

In the future, the company will focus on expanding in and outside the Macedonian borders. This could not have been possible, to the same extent, if it were not for the company’s latest product (PCR-41 universal impulse counter). DTK Smart Tech claims that the device can also be used as a separate device and be integrated into any measuring information system through a standard communication interface.

DTK Smart- Tech is a twofold grant beneficiary from the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development (FITR), under the co-financed grants for newly established startup and spinoff companies.

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