IT Logs, operated by CTRL+ALT+DEL Media Inc., we uphold the highest ethical standards in journalism. Our mission is to provide accurate, impartial, and comprehensive coverage of the technology sector in the South East Europe (SEE) region.

Transparency and Disclosure: When publishing articles about entities with which IT Logs’ team or CTRL+ALT+DEL Media Inc. have a formal relationship, we fully disclose such affiliations at the conclusion of the article. IT Logs encourages all its editors, journalists, columnists, and guest contributors to honor this Ethical Statement and declare any potential conflicts of interest in same way.

Editorial Voice and Collaboration: We remain steadfast in adhering to professional journalism standards, yet we also understand the value of personal insights. When appropriate, we allow our authors the freedom to express their individual viewpoints and share unique experiences. This provision extends to guest posts. We frequently collaborate with external contributors, presenting a variety of voices and views to our readers. These contributions are identified as guest submissions and undergo a stringent editorial process before publication. Please note, views expressed in these texts or any information presented as news do not represent the official stance of IT Logs or CTRL+ALT+DEL Media Inc.

Community Engagement: IT Logs features a Community section in the form of Forums where registered readers can express their own opinions and engage in open discussions. These personal viewpoints, shared by our community members, are not covered under this Ethical Statement and are governed by the Rules for Publication in IT Logs Community Forums. Those views are responsibility of the registered author/reader and not IT Logs or CTRL+ALT+DEL Media Inc.

Revenue Sources: IT Logs generates revenue through various channels, including advertising spaces, PR articles, job listings, premium memberships, Employer Branding packages and comprehensive access to our services, such as the IT Logs Index which represents a massive database of South East European tech-related companies and organizations. Advertising is facilitated via reputable networks such as Google Adsense or directly from our or client’s ad servers. Paid content is clearly marked as “Sponsored.”

Accuracy and Fairness: We are committed to delivering factual and balanced reporting. Every piece of content is fact-checked for accuracy, and we strive to present diverse perspectives on every story.

Independence: We are independent and uninfluenced by external pressures. Our editorial decisions are based purely on the merits of each story, free from commercial influences.

Respect: We respect the rights, privacy, and views of all individuals and organizations, and are committed to protecting the confidentiality of our sources.

Integrity: We categorically reject any practice that may compromise our integrity or that of our organization. Plagiarism and copyright infringement have no place at IT Logs. We try to use our own images, images covered under the Fair Use principle or royalty-free stock photos that we clearly attribute.

Responsibility: We recognize the influence of our platform and commit to using it responsibly. We strive to promote ethical conduct in the tech industry.

This Ethical Statement embodies our promise to our readers and the wider community. We invite our readers to hold us accountable to these principles and join us in our commitment to upholding integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct. Feel we are doing something wrong? Shoot an email to [email protected]. Use the same email if you want to give us a pat on the back and tell us we are doing a great job!

This Ethical Statement is subject to change.

Last edit: June, 2023