Faraday Future is a serious contender for Tesla’s throne, provided that it works as it should

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Faraday Future finally showcased the vehicle prototype which was announced last year. For the manufacturer, the vehicle FF91 is a first of its kind and it simply had to take part in this year’s CES.

If there’s one thing that the visitors managed to notices from the big reveal is that FF91 seems to be equally good as the car from Tesla. Faraday Future is able to hit 100 km/h in just a few seconds and the battery allows longer driving in between charging cycles. To that end, the vehicle can travel 775 km, with the speed of 90 km/h.

By the time official sales take place, we could expect a lot of changes. Some of the anticipated technology for the vehicle has already been mentioned and we can look forward to dual antennae for Wi-Fi connections, as well as facial recognition for granting keyless access into the vehicle. Smart features, such as automated parking, where the car finds a parking spot and parks itself, was also announced but we weren’t able to get a piece of that action during CES. There’s no estimate about the full price of the vehicle but everyone who would like a chance of getting behind the wheel of this technological marvel would have to register and put down a $5,000 deposit.

Car specifications:

  • 1050 horsepower
  • 39-second 0-100 km/h time
  • Charging speed: 500km per charge
  • ADAS Sensor Suite: 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 10 high
  • definition cameras, 1 3D retractable lidar

Faraday strikes an uncanny resemblance to the early builds of Tesla, back in the day when Tesla was manufacturing and showing off with fast and luxurious vehicles. Nowadays, Tesla seems to be a company that’s dedicating to creating a family oriented, electric self-driving vehicles. In addition to this, Tesla is working on electric batteries and solar panels for homes.

CES 2017, however, didn’t go as smoothly as the company anticipated and a lot of things were left unsaid, which, in turn, resulted in numerous speculations about how Faraday Future is really functioning and who’s really behind it all. Most of the disappointments with the whole event are neatly summed up in the following video…

Provided that the company is hard at work, the car can be everything that was initially set to be by 2020. This is the same year by which it is believed that electric cars will be a more common occurrence (10%) and, therefore, influence the market to a greater extent.

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