How Genesis and Meta’s StartUp Academy guides CEE Founders to tech success

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  • Ukrainian co-founding IT company Genesis and Meta team up for StartUp Academy 4.0, a deep-dive program for founders to boost their tech success journeys alongside industry leaders.
  • The StartUp Academy is a free international program that is open from CEE founders (including the Western Balkans) and instructs founders on how to build, operate, and scale a profitable tech business. 
  • The program is designed for B2C and B2B software startups from pre-seed to seed stages, in different domains like fintech, edtech, SaaS, mobility, adtech, etc.

Since 2021, 135 startups from 20+ countries have completed the program, some of which, such as Bloomсoding, Inputsoft, Easysales, and QuickShippers, secured over $7.5 million.

This year, 50 startups from Central and Eastern Europe  that have successfully passed the selection stage will be invited to the program. Each participant will outline their key 3-month goals, create a roadmap with a trusted mentor, and navigate their team through global tech companies’ deep-dive formats and expertise.

Pitch Day at Startup Academy

Genesis and Meta are hosting StartUp Academy for the fourth time. The program was designed specifically for CEE startups that want to expand to international markets and grow continuously. This year’s program focuses on giving founders practical tools and resources to help them solve specific challenges. Participants will benefit from the experience of leading tech teams in CEE that have created and developed products for millions of users worldwide. The program will conclude with a pitch day, where participants can present their products to 45 investors from the TRMNL4 network,” Tetiana Ladanova, Startup Program Lead at TRMNL4, a connector for startups, investors and tech players, tells IT Logs.

The program’s training modules will focus on the following topics: 

  • Market & Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance and Investments
  • Product
  • Management
  • Technology & Innovation

The experts’ list includes founders and C-levels from Genesis and Meta, speakers with experience in AWS, Spotify, Bolt, Wix, and Vimeo, mentors from investment funds like Horizon Capital, Flyer One Venture, and many more professionals worldwide.

Meta is delighted to partner with Genesis for the fourth iteration of StartUp Academy. This program brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the CEE Start-Up community and Meta is excited to see the talent and drive of the region’s best new founders,” Ian Carroll, Venture Capital and Start-Up Partner at Meta.

The deadline for applications is April 28. The selection stages include an online test, pitch deck review, and interview, while the program itself starts on June 3.

StartUp Academy can be attended by startup founders and executives from Ukraine (excluding sanctioned regions), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Malta, Georgia, Greece, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and other countries of the CEE region. 

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