How the Macedonian LinkedIn Tool HeyReach Managed to Make $200,000 in Just 4 Days

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The Macedonian product HeyReacha tool designed for automated LinkedIn communication, recently announced an impressive achievement. The team shared that in just four days, the company reported nearly $200,000 in sales ($190,080 to be exact). They were able to reaching over 1,110 new global clients, just two months after officially launching the product. This achievement was realized via a campaign conducted on the AppSumo platform, a renowned marketplace for digital products, during their SumoDay virtual event.

“WOW. Just WOW. In the past four days, we’ve carried out our largest marketing campaign to date. It’s resulted in an astounding $200,000 in sales in that short period. I can’t emphasize enough how unprecedented this is! We became the best-selling product on AppSumo, sold more than 1,100 licenses that amounted to nearly $200,000, and received a strong early indication of product-market fit. And all in just four days! I must publicly express my immense gratitude to the Howitzer/HeyReach team for creating such an excellent product and providing an incredible customer experience. Guys, we absolutely nailed it! I had high expectations for our product, but I honestly never imagined we would achieve such astounding results. I’m amazed! We are well on our way to becoming the first Macedonian unicorn!” shared Nikola Velkovski, the co-founder and leader of Howitzer and HeyReach, on his Facebook profile.

In his blog post published on IndieHackers – a platform they’ve favored since the beginning for launching their products — Nikola reveals some further impressive numbers:

  • $190,080 in total sales
  • $95,040 net revenue that we received (50-50 revenue share with AppSumo)
  • 1117 total licenses sold
  • 34 refunded licenses (3% churn rate)
  • 95%+ of all of the licenses sold were of the highest tier
  • 33 five-tacos reviews (all of the reviews we got were five-tacos)
  • 9.01% conversion rate
  • Best-selling tool on their platform (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

According to the Howitzer team, AppSumo stands as one of the best tools startups can utilize for product validation and positioning.

“For those of you who don’t know, SumoDay is the biggest event on AppSumo, where AppSumo sees 3x more traction compared to the other period of the year. After long negotiations with the AppSumo team, and “trying our best on both sides”, we finally came to a 50-50 revenue-share deal, and I had to sign the partnership agreement immediately, at 2:00 am. We immediately started preparing ourselves for the launch and immediately started working with AppSumo’s team. I was amazed by their organization and their bullet-proof processes.” – shares Nikola in the IndiaHacker’s post.

From Reddit to LinkedIn

Howitzer, composed of a young team of engineers, made a big splash in the Macedonian startup scene from its onset, securing an investment of $500,000 US dollars in 2022, for its automated Reddit marketing tool. However, the policies Reddit implemented against such tools, including active enforcement and limitations on its API, compelled Howitzer to shift their focus to another platform, starting with LinkedIn.

You can read more details in Nikola’s blog post on Indie Hackers.

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