The latest game by NapNok Games, Frantics, is out on PS4

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The latest game by the developer Nap Nok Games was released on March 7.  The game Frantics was made in collaboration with Sony XDev. Interestingly enough, this is Nap Nok’s first game for the PlayStation console. It is also the first game that the Nap Nok studio in Skopje helped develop. Currently, Nap Nok Games has four studios; in Copenhagen, Paris, Minneapolis and Skopje.

Frantic is a party-based game that pits up to four players in intense and frantic battles of the wits. The star of the show is a scheming fox who likes nothing more than to incite chaos and stir up controversy. As such, Frantics is a game for all walks of life, and it aims to impress you whether you are into games or not. Strict learning curves give way to strong competitive elements. As a result, Frantic manages to present itself as an excellent choice for interactive social experience at parties.

In Frantic, the players are thrown into 15 mini games, with additional challenges dispensed by the cunning fox. The games are meant to test your reflexes as well as your precision and to allow you to win by outsmarting all your friends in unprecedented ways. For higher replay value, the players have at their disposal 12 playable characters. Each of the characters are comical in a way that is both unique and memorable.

“It is deeply social, it is wacky and far-out and it explores interesting new technologies and interfaces.”, Nap Nok co-founder Dijana Dimovska says.

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