Letz wins Product Hunt’s Bot of the Year Award

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Image Courtesy of Product Hunt

“Congratulations to the small Letz team from Macedonia on winning the first ever Golden Kitty in the Bot of the Year category. This was a tight race right till the end between Letz, Nerdify Bot, and Duolingo’s Bots product. Honorable mention to Statsbot, the Google Analytics bot for Slack.” – This is how Product Hunt introduced the Macedonian startup project Letz on their blog on Medium.

Voting was open to anyone with a Product Hunt account, a feat that couldn’t be easier due to the instantaneous possibility to connect your Twitter or Facebook user account. Golden Kitty Awards is an annual event organized by Product Hunt. This year, the Golden Kitty Awards were looking for their owners in 15 categories and among 200+ products.

The team behind Letz was actively involved in promoting these awards and voicing their encouragements for the public to help them win the award. An amazing second chance for Letz, since their first try to be selected as early as in October was shut down.

Product Hunt is an outstanding platform that lets each and every startup project an equal opportunity to be promoted; in a way, it acts as a powerful catalyst that’s instrumental for the product launch.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of Letz, with best wishes for more adventurous enterprises in the future!

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