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Generation C (Gen C) is a term that refers to a generation that is involved in creating creative content as well as building a strong, like-minded community. It usually starts out with people who create their own content on YouTube.

Worldwide, you cannot really put an age to this particular group, but in Macedonia, the ring bearers usually turn out to be either primary or high school students. The majority, like 80% of them, is made up of Millennials.

As naïve as this might sound, you won’t find a single business industry laughing at the matter. This is the generation that it setting up trends and influencing sales to go over $500 billion. Even Fanta went with a complete marketing campaign with generation C.

An analysis by Google has shown that Generation C is constantly connected and 91% of them are literally sleeping with their phones. Communities that are created among these groups share similar or same interests.

One of the Gen C members is young Ryan. From the age of three, Ryan, with the help of his parents, has been shooting videos for toys. Today, the six-year-old Ryan, earns $ 11 million a year, all thanks to his toy reviews. In 2017, the channel Ryan ToysReview was the most watched YouTube channel for 40 weeks in a row. His parents buy Ryan’s toys and even though he does not take money from the toy companies, he still affects their sales greatly.

Who are the Macedonian YouTube stars?

In Macedonia, most of the youtubers are still in primary or high school. Young Marko “GP” Markovic is 18 years old and has been uploading videos on YouTube for the last 5 years.

Apart from the skills for recording, editing and uploading videos on YouTube, Macedonian stars should get good command over the English Language. The reason for this is simple; Generation C thrives on global level and in making content that resonates with peers from all around the globe.

“Regarding the question on how I found myself, I’d like to point out the fact that YouTube as a platform can help form strong and lasting friendships among people with similar interests. It is enjoyable to make other people laugh by doing all kinds of silly things in front of the camera,” Marko told us in a previous interview.

In the beginning, financial investment for endeavors such as these is almost non-existent since it is perfectly ok to start out by recording videos with your phone, but you do need to possess a set of editing skills. To that end, most of the youtubers would use a professional software solution such as Adobe Premiere Pro. As to how they learn to use it, well, it all comes down to pure luck through experimentation or by watching tutorials.

How big is the Macedonian YouTube community?

Recently, Macedonian YouTube content creators decided to touch base in Bitola. You’d have to see it for yourself to truly understand how dedicated the Macedonian Gen C truly is. During the meetings there are hundreds of participants who passionately get involved in exchanging experiences about their favorite things.

When it comes to the nature of their content, most of the Macedonian Gen C creates content that is quite similar to the content from the rest of the world. To name just a few, there is content on video games, jokes, fun facts, or hobbies.

If you are considering following some of the most famous Macedonian youtubers, you should definitely check out BobiBeatbox, Winncoot, David Black, Andrej Pravi Vlogovi, Darko AtanasovicBonnoTV. Of course, the list just keeps on going, and we would be more than happy to read about your favorite content creators in the comment section bellow.

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