SEE Tech News: Robo-taxies to be built in Croatia, Greece is a regional leader in user-data requests to Meta, Uber offers speedboats on Mykonos, Apple will have to offer Slovenian language support

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  • Robo-taxies are going to be built in Croatia. The Croatian IT company Project 3 Mobility will start building a factory for robo-taxi vehicles under a 535 million euro project co-financed by the European Union. *Source
  • In the SEE region, Greek authorities have sent the most user data requests to Facebook. In 2022, they have officially requested data for over 2,000 Greek Facebook users. After Greece, most requests for user data to Meta are sent by Romania and Serbia. *Source
  • Uber is offering a new, ground-breaking service on the island of Mykonos, Greece. Available from late June to October, Uber users can use the ‘Boat’ option to go on a trip with a speedboat at the touch of a button. *Source
  • US tech giant Apple will have to add Slovenian among its operating system language choices if it wants to continue selling its devices there under a proposed new law that mandates all manufacturers of electronic consumer devices offer the local language. *Source
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