Serbian startup Collabwriting raises €1.1M to expand collaborative research platform

  • Serbian startup Collabwriting secures €1.1M in funding, in a round led by SMOK Ventures and joined by a syndicate including Underline Ventures, Credo, Fiedler, Forthech, Startup Wise Guys, V7 Capital, and angel investor Xenia Muntean from Planable
  • The funding will be used to enhance Collabwriting for Teams, and introduce new AI features, expand the team, and grow the user base.
  • Founded in December 2021 by Sandra Idjoski and Ivan Ralic, the company’s browser extension simplifies content sharing, commenting, and collaboration on online discoveries.

The founders, Ivan and Sandra, initially connected while working at a startup Ivan had previously founded, where Sandra joined early on. As the product underwent testing and marketing efforts, the team realized its potential beyond mere information collection. 

Collabwriting began attracting users from diverse professions such as law, consultancy, and R&D, boasting over 1,700 weekly active users currently and anticipating the launch of a new team version.

Furthermore, their participation at How to Web last year, where they won the €880K grand investment prize, helped set the stage for their fundraising journey.

Being a part of How to Web last year was an amazing experience. We came with the expectation of kickstarting our fundraising journey and left having a community of dedicated investors ready to help us grow and scale,” Idjoski said.

Ralic, who serves as the company’s CTO, explains that while the space is full of generative AI solutions that can only summarize what’s already out there, Collabwriting is focused on enabling  their customers to transform the information they found into unique insights and give them the upper hand.

Now, according to both Idjoski and Ralic, half of the funds will go towards developing the product, while the other half will be used to grow the business.

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