Spotify Wrapped 2023 crashes on launch day due to overwhelming interest

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2023 is slowly coming to an end, and we start seeing more and more announcements about the most popular content, videos, applications… This year, some companies didn’t even wait until December for the first previews. Spotify turned out to be the most eager with Wrapped 2023, followed by Apple and its list of the best applications.

Spotify Wrapped is a yearly roundup that offers insight into your listening habits. Users who have been using Spotify frequently can find out their annual rundown of music rankings. Unlike the year-end lists we’re used to, this is a personalized list. Practically, it is a list that review the listening habits of the users.

With over 550 million users, Spotify is one of the most popular listening platforms for music and podcasts. As a result, the data sure seems relevant.

This year, the rundown has been made more fun. Spotify has created categories for different “types” of listeners. For example, if they listen to “lighter” and more cheerful music, they will fit in the Luminary category. Listeners who quickly rip from one artist to another are in the “Shapeshifter” category, and if you’ve created more playlists than others, you’ll fall under the “Alchemist” category.

What’s more interesting for Wrapped this year is the addition of “music city” to the list of featured information. This is a music center that shows whose musical tastes are closest to the user.

Users will be able to see what they were listening in different months of the year. This also applies to the favorite 5 artists.

Along with the user list, Spotify also released a list for musicians and content creators. From here, musicians can see statistics on the number of streams, listeners, how many hours their music was listened to, in how many countries, etc…

How to find your 2023 Spotify Wrapped?

For the first time ever, this year Wrapped is also available on desktop. The interest among users was so high that for some users Wrapped was unavailable and instead they received an error message (500 Internal Server Error).

Finding Spotify Wrapped is easy enough. First you need to sign in. If you’re accessing from the web, you just need hit this link:

You may notice a “your 2023 Wrapped” banner on the mobile app. If you don’t see it, go to the top of the menu and on the left you’ll find the Wrapped button. It’s worth noting that the mobile app had fewer issues.

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