The Macedonian startup Native Teams has announced a partnership with Payoneer

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Native Teams is a global Fintech platform for payment and employment status regulation. The platform allows freelancers to pay contributions, regardless of which company or companies they work for and where they are located. The service gives users access to health care, payment of retirement pension contributions, and basic tax compliance in the countries in which they operate.

The startup was founded by а British citizen Jack Thorogood and Bitola residents from North Macedonia – Alexandra Mitrevska and Nikola Bubevski.

Recently Native Teams announced their collaboration with Payoneer. Given that Payoneer is freelancers’ favorite way of payment, the partnership comes as no surprise.

The cooperation with Payoneer will also mean new services for the startup’s current and future customers.

Users will be able to link their Payoneer accounts with Native Teams and hence directly transfer salaries and pay Employer of Record (EOR).

“It’s done! As a result of our cooperation, Payoneer users will have the opportunity to easily and quickly transfer their funds, make payments and use their funds for various purposes, including payment of salaries and various transactions through our platform.
With our joined efforts, we are making sure that the processes of transferring funds and payment become even faster and easier, providing users with greater flexibility and control over their finances,” says Alexandra Mitrevska.

The benefits of the collaboration between Native Teams and Payoneer were immediately noticed by both parties. For the officialization of the partnership, it was necessary to consider in detail the technical and financial aspects, reveals Mitrevska.

“The process of cooperation with Payoneer was long but fruitful. We started with the idea of improving the financial possibilities of our users, exploring the possibility of cooperation with relevant partners. Payoneer emerged as an ideal choice, considering their reputation, experience and extensive global presence. Both sides were committed to the goal of creating value and benefiting users. The process included detailed discussions about technical and financial aspects, as well as agreeing on conditions and procedures for successful implementation.”

In 2023 Native Teams received an investment of 2 million euros from the Bulgarian VC Eleven Ventures. For the last year, the Native Teams team has been working on the development and improvement of functionalities, as well as on the development of mobile applications.

“During the last 10 months, we dedicated ourselves to daily development and improvement of our services in order to improve functionalities for our users. Also, we are currently in the phase of actively developing Native Teams mobile applications, as well as researching and integrating new and interesting functionalities that will enrich the user experience.”

The partnership with Payoneer is not the end of the line in terms of netting in new partnerships. In addition to the current cooperation, Native Teams also announced new functionalities, as well as new collaborations for the future.

“The next steps for Native Teams are filled with many new collaborations, active work on the new wallet, and at the same time we are working on several aspects related to tax optimization. In the context of other plans, next steps with Payoneer are also expected. We are currently in the process of developing and coordinating the next stages of our cooperation with them, with the aim of providing even better services and experiences for our users.”

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