Wounded is a new Macedonian game that needs your support on Steam Greenlight

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After a short dry spell, another Macedonian video game is pleading for your support on Steam Greenlight. Wounded is Workbench Entertainment’s first game and, up to this point, they have tried to crowdfund its development twice over at Kickstarter. Now, the time has come for Wounded to join both BOB RG 42 and Excubitor; two equally great Macedonian games that have already been greenlit.

After a long period of nothingness, the time came for us to present Wounded to the Steam family. Maybe we waited more than enough, but we wanted to make sure that Wounded is at least in Beta before we publish it on Greelight.

Wounded is a horror adventure made by a team of highly enthusiastic high schoolers that spend all their free time developing the game. After a long period of silence, which made us thing that the boys had given up on their project, we were happy to hear that this couldn’t be further away from the truth and we are looking forward to some more great news in the future.

We are currently in the process of implementing the scenes, animations as well as scripting, all that’s left is to fit all of that into one product… We continue to focus our strengths on having our game greenlit and, to that end, the support that you could give us by simply voting on Steam Greenlight would be highly appreciated!” says Vasko Atanasovski

Workbench Studious are planning to release Wounded this summer.

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