Zagreb, Don’t Panic: Apple is Mapping your Streets this Summer

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If you’re in Zagreb and happen to spot people unusual large backpacks equipped with cameras on the streets of Zagreb, there’s no need to worry, it’s just Apple at work, Netokracija writes.

Apple Maps Facts

Here are five facts about Apple Maps:

What is Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a mapping and navigation application developed by Apple Inc. It is designed to provide users with location-based services, directions, and other geographical information.
  1. Apple Maps was first introduced more than ten years ago – in September 2012 with the release of iOS 6, replacing Google Maps as the default mapping app on Apple devices. However, its initial release faced widespread criticism due to inaccuracies and incomplete data. It even resulted in a public apology by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. Apple subsequently invested significant resources in rebuilding and improving the app over the years.
  2. It is available in 33 languages. Although exclusive to Apple devices, it can be accessed on non-Apple devices in map-related search results on DuckDuckGo.
  3. In October 2020, Apple Maps introduced “Look Around” their version of Google Street View, which allows users to explore cities and locations with 3D imagery. This immersive feature enables users to virtually move through streets and get a better visual understanding of their destination before visiting in person.
  4. In Southeast Europe, Look Around was officially introduced as late as April 2023. Croatia and Slovenia are fully covered.
  5. Look Around will soon expand to Greece and the backpack people were seen in Athens, meaning that the city will have a pedestrian view, as well.

So, who are the strange backpack people?

Photo by BlogTo

Apple was mapping Zagreb with cars in 2021, but now it’s time for a more immersive Zagreb experience. The backpack people are actually Apple trekkers that are capturing pedestrian data.

These measurements are done through a system integrated into their backpacks, directly collecting data for use in the Apple Maps application and Look Around feature.

Other measurements are taken by pedestrians using iPads, iPhones, or other devices to gather data with the aim of improving the map. These pedestrian measurements play a significant role in enhancing and updating the Apple Maps application in areas inaccessible to vehicles, all while adhering to the same privacy protection standards as Apple Maps vehicles.

Strangely, the mapping of Zagreb is not on Apple’s image collection list for this year. If you have any comments or questions regarding these procedures, your privacy rights, or if you wish to request blurring of your face, license plate, or property, you can find the necessary information on Apple’s website.

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