Steve Wozniak gets a Serbian passport

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The founder of Apple and the creator of Apple Computer 1 (Apple-1) Steve Wozniak is in the process of getting a Serbian passport. The news came from the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. Steve Wozniak’s wife will also get a Serbian passport. Both are delighted and will gladly use the opportunity to promote Serbia.

“I’m a Serbian living in America,” Wozniak joked at the press conference he held together with Vucic after their meeting in Belgrade. The crowd was delighted hearing that.

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was equally ecstatic, and was quick to add:

“I am especially happy because we will grant the legend of the IT industry a Serbian passport.”

One of the topics that the Serbian president discussed with Wozniak was the topic of education and how to improve it so it becomes more interesting to young people from Serbia and the region.

The visit comes at a time when Serbia is preparing for parliamentary and local elections. The elections in Serbia are scheduled to be held on December 17.

Although the Serbian authorities rejoiced at Woz’s visit, not everyone was thrilled by his presence. The opposition accused the ruling party of paying Wozniak to come to Serbia, and that the whole setup was nothing but a PR trick.

“Let’s be clear, no one paid him to come to Serbia,” added Prime Minister Brnarić.

Wozniak says that he was invited to Serbia by the tennis player Janko Tipsarevic, who himself is a member of the Serbian Progressive Party.

Steve Wozniak, also known by the nickname Woz, is an American technology entrepreneur, electrical engineer, computer scientist, programmer, philanthropist and innovator. Together with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, they are the founders of Apple. Wozniak designed and hand-built the Apple I and Apple II computers and paved the road for Apple’s success. He later played a significant role in the development of the Apple Macintosh. Wozniak is extremely respected in the technology industry and is considered one of the most innovative minds today. He is a true pioneer and his contribution to the world of technology is invaluable.

The issuance of Serbian passports appears to be part of a political campaign by the ruling party in Serbia. In September 2017, actor Ralph Fiennes also received a Serbian passport.

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