Bugatti Rimac’s Latest Move: R&D Center in Italy

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Bugatti Rimac, the world’s leading hypercar manufacturer, is expanding its European presence with a new R&D and innovation center in Italy. This expansion follows the recent opening of a design and engineering center in Berlin, Germany, and brings Bugatti Rimac to Bologna, Italy, an area known for automotive expertise. This facility will serve as a satellite for the company’s headquarters in Zagreb and accommodate up to 50 employees who will collaborate with the Croatian team. 

Since its inception in 2021, Bugatti Rimac has aimed to revolutionize automotive performance and innovation. The Italian satellite team will focus on developing cutting-edge technologies related to electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel powertrains, advanced manufacturing methods like 3D printing and composites, integrated vehicle controls and digital twins, and chassis engineering. They will also delve into traditional areas of car development, including aerodynamics and NVH(noise, vibration, and harshness), and explore new fuels, concepts, and architectures. 

Honoring Bugatti’s storied legacy, the center will host a Heritage Center, where it will proudly display the brand’s timeless classics.  Additionally, the center will participate in reverse engineering for the Bugatti ‘La Maison Pur Sang’ program, which restores historic Bugatti models in Molsheim

The Bugatti Rimac Italy office opened its doors in Bologna, with Filippo D’Adamo and Roberto Rotundo serving as managing directors. Recruitment details will be revealed soon. This expansion underscores Bugatti Rimac’s commitment to shaping the future of hypercar innovation across the globe. 

“Since our formation in November 2021, Bugatti Rimac has gathered phenomenal momentum in the quest to redefine the hypercar by blending beauty, performance, emotional engagement, and technical prowess, which has been reflected in our continuing expansion. Following the success of the launch of our German subsidiary and opening of our Berlin office last year, it gives me great pride to confirm that we will now have a significant presence in another area that has contributed so much to the automotive world, northern Italy, where there is an abundance of engineering expertise and talent. The creation of Bugatti Rimac Italy’s R&D and innovation center is another pivotal moment for the company, and I believe that it will play an integral role in helping to deliver the pioneering cars and technologies that the world can’t wait to see.” – Emilio Scervo, CTO of Bugatti Rimac

Bugatti Rimac represents a distinctive union of two automotive and technological pioneers. It unites Rimac’s agility, technical mastery, and the innovation in the electric vehicle domain with Bugatti’s remarkable 110-year legacy of creating the world’s most iconic hypercars. Together, they stand on the front line of the hypercar industry.

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