Serbian Proptech OTA Sync takes Hotel Operations to the next level with €1.3M investment

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OTA Sync, a hotel technology innovator, is strengthening its global presence with a cloud-based solution designed for the management of hotels and private accommodations. In recent years, the hotel technology sector has experienced rapid development, with a growing need for comprehensive systems and multi-site management solutions, challenging hoteliers. Recognizing these challenges, OTA Sync, founded by Ilija Milović and Djordje Jevtic, has created a software platform that automates hotel processes, enabling hoteliers to focus more on their guests.

Last year, OTA Sync garnered significant attention as it became the first startup to secure investment from the TS Ventures fund. The company, with over 2,000 users across 17 countries, has continued to attract investors and has recently raised an additional €1.3 million in funding. This investment round, led by Czech investors Presto Ventures, also included support from Katapult Accelerator, TS Ventures Fund, DSI Group of Business Angels, Startup Wise Guys, and Expert DOJO from California. 

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Statistics show that 77% of guests from different backgrounds believe that the technology offered by the hotel is important to their stay, and 69% prefer to request a service from their smartphone or other device.

The growth in the hotel technology sector is shown by the projected market value of $4.3 billion for hotel management software by 2023. Such a market value aligns with the mood of 65% of guests, who believe that hotel technologies significantly enhance their overall stays. Notably, approximately 74% of hotels using AI chatbots can respond to customer complaints within an impressive 5-minute timeframe, reflecting the efficiency and responsiveness of these technologies. Furthermore, 64% of hotel guests in the US indicate a higher likelihood of returning to hotels that offer excellent internet connectivity.

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OTA Sync’s Solutions

OTA Sync’s cloud-based system simplifies the management of hotels and apartments, offering solutions such as a reception system, reservation system, channel manager, and superior guest experience app. The platform is designed to rationalize various aspects of hotel operations, reducing time and effort required for training and decision-making, while enhancing employee productivity and revenue.

The company has plans for expansion in Europe and Latin America, as well as the development of new features to further improve hotel operations. With the global hotel technology market projected to reach $110.08 billion by 2030, cloud technology and SaaS business models are expected to dominate the industry.

OTA Sync’s Strategic Initiatives

Additionally, OTA Sync is supporting eco-certified hotels and those transitioning to sustainable energy sources while focusing on the East Mediterranean region, including Albania, Croatia, and Greece. Their comprehensive suite of tools comes at a crucial time as the hospitality industry experiences a surge in tourism post-COVID. Djordje Jevtic, the CEO of OTA Sync, anticipates further advancements in specialized technology solutions, particularly in domains like guest experience management, customer relationship management (CRM), and enhancing employee productivity. As AI plays a more significant role in guest interactions, the hospitality industry is adapting to new employment trends, with the short-term rental business growing faster than traditional hotels in developing countries.

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