Coolinarika presents SuperfoodChef – the first Croatian AI assistant that helps you discover recipes

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Coolinarika is one of the largest online platforms that specializes in bringing together all walks of foodies. The company Podravka has made sure to offer flexible communication tools to the community, excellent opportunities to socialize and share useful information about food, as well as numerous recipes. As of recently, Coolinarika can also pride itself on offering a personal assistant that, through conversation, helps you get better information about healthy eating and learn to cook something new in a fun and creative way!

By visiting the Coolinarika site, you have thousands of recipes at your disposal, neatly arranged in categories such as new or popular recipes. From these categories you’ll also find options to view only video recipes or find out what the recipe of the day is. You will not be disappointed, even if you wanted to find out useful information related to the various ingredients used in the recipes (the treasure trove of such information is accessed through the Namirnice).

Considering that the site revolves around the people who contribute to it, from the Ljudi section you get to know the people behind the best recipes. In addition, every month a cool cook of the month is chosen, provided that certain parameters are met.

Coolinarika’s latest and greatest is the introduction of the region’s first personal AI assistant that aims to show users the importance of a balanced diet with a variety of ingredients. Through simple conversations with the personal assistant, you can find out the nutritional value of certain ingredients, as well as ask for a recipe that is rich in, say, fiber.

Considering that it is a relatively “fresh” project, SuperfoodChef – AI has data for 30 ingredients and 100 recipes, but the database is constantly being updated. Although you might think that the AI chef’s table is a bit on the modest side, you might be surprised by the number of topics you can discuss, especially when it comes to asking questions about certain foods, diets or healthy tips.

However, keep in mind that for more serious problems, it is always better to consult a real doctor or nutritionist. Now that we’ve cleared that up, head over to Coolinarika and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, as long as they’re about food, of course. :) In case you don’t know what to talk about with the assistant, you have available options for getting to know the tool better, as well as a few questions like:

  • What is a superfood?
  • Where does the name broccoli come from?
  • How much protein is in beans?
  • Can you suggest a superfood recipe?

These are the four questions designed to whet your appetite and give you a general idea of what kind of question you can ask. We started with a few and were pleasantly surprised by the useful information served up and how much the tool actually made us feel hungry for a different and healthier diet.

The best part of all this is that you also have great Coolinarika apps for all your smart devices:

Who is behind SuperfoodChef-AI?

As mentioned, SuperfoodChef-AI is a project of Podravka, but also of the digital agency 01 Content & Technology – C3 Croatia.

Joining forces, the companies strive to integrate generative AI technology using modern and innovative ways, all with the goal of helping the community improve their dietary habits, but also prepare meals in creative and fun ways.

Currently, SuperfoodChef-AI is in the beta phase of development and further improvements of the AI assistant’s capabilities will be implemented!

What’s for dinner?

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