Find out when is the right time to go to bed with Sleeptime

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Did you know that, depending on the time you hit the sack, you can wake up either well rested or extremely groggy? According to the 90-minute rule, you are supposed to wake up at the end of a sleeping cycle and not in between, while in a deeper stage of sleep…

Sleeptime is a web site that tells you when to go to bed if you want to wake up well rested. It basically comes down to whether you want to sleep for 6, 7.5 or 9 hours. Taking this into consideration may result in completing full cycles of sleep which, in turn, puts you in an energized state that stays with you throughout the whole day.

As we pointed out, though, Sleeptime is only a site that takes the 90-minute sleep cycle rule into consideration and in case you’re looking for other alternatives make sure you check Sleeptiming and Sleepytime. Due to their minimalistic nature, it goes without saying that the websites are well optimized for smaller screens.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an app for your smart device, you should definitely check Sleep Cycle, a smart alarm that tries to wake you up in the best possible time.

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