First won tournament for Digital Chaos and Saksa in 2017

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The Digital Chaos team, which also has the best Macedonian e-sport player Martin Sazdov – Saksa, won the first LAN tournament in Dota 2, in 2017. ESL One Genting 2017 took place in Arena of Stars in Genting in Malaysia.

Compared to some of the previous tournaments, the reward pool of 250.000 American dollars doesn’t seem that much impressive, but the best Dota2 teams still took part in the event and, as is to be expected, most of them found themselves in the semifinals. Newbee, Wings Gaming, and Digital Chaos, however, ended up into the finals.

Digital Chaos went into 2017 in the best possible way. This last year, Martin Sazdov has been the main reason for the success of the team and a cause for a celebration, even though e-sport is still seen as a controversial topic of discussion. In addition, 2017 marks another success of another Macedonian team, this time in Magic the Gathering.

We sincerely hope that the interest for the e-sport will continue to rise. It goes without saying that the best contributor for that is Saksa and hopefully we’ll seen more of this in the future. Like it or hate it, e-sport is becoming a big deal, so much that a Serbian sports channel, SportKlub, broadcasted the Serbian League of Legends league in 2016.

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