OpenAI launches its ChatGPT store

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After a delay of two months, OpenAI officially launched its ChatGPT. The initial idea was for this store to be available from November. However, November proved to be a pretty hectic month for OpenAI, so the delay is perhaps understandable.

The GPT Store was announced at OpenAI DevDay, as a place where various custom GPT models will be available and allow GPT builders to share and monetize public GPTs.

Available exclusively to Plus users of ChatGPT AI, GPTs are user-created agents based on the GPT-4 language model. Part of the created specialized versions of ChatGPT will also be created by OpenAI. Users will be able to find them in the “Explore” section. Custom models created by users will be available exclusively in the store.

Some of the examples that have been shared are models trained on chefs and rich with detailed information about the ingredients in some recipes, or GPT model that will explain different memes, or GPT that can be used as an assistant in negotiations. For some models, that are unlikely to be open, GPT will be able to be trained on code and can be used to help developers in companies to create code that conforms to the practice in use.

For now, it is not entirely clear what the earnings from the GPT Store will be. Additionally, while it has been announced and that the creators of the specialized GPT will be able to earn and monetize the model, it is not clear if this will be available immediately with the launch of the store. The email that OpenAI notified developers did not mention earnings. OpenAI will share more details about the store next week, Yahoo! Finance.

Until the official opening of the store, all developers who want to publish their models will have to confirm that they agree with the rules of use and check whether the model they created is in accordance with the rules of use. The last thing they need to do is to verify their profile and make their custom versions of GPT public.

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