Albania will become part of EU with the help of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT

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With the help of artificial intelligence, Albania hopes to shorten the time it takes to be accepted into the European Union. The Prime Minister Edi Rama has revealed that he has contacted Mira Murati of Open AI to help him with the transformation of over 4000 legal acts.

Today, I want to share with you that on December 13 in Brussels, when the meeting with the Greek dilemma is over, I will leave as Albania’s New Year’s card to all EU leaders the result of the successful test of the Albanian model of artificial intelligence for the interposition in the legislation of 280 thousand pages of legal measures of the EU”, said Rama.

Artificial intelligence should help align Albanian laws with those of the European Union. This alignment is crucial for Albania’s entry into the Union.

Edi Rama revealed that they also plan to use artificial intelligence in the legal system, in the process of public procurement and to deal with fiscal evasion.

The Prime Minister of Albania has personally been in contact with Mira Murati to ask for help to quickly resolve some of the problems for the negotiations with the European Union. Thanks to ChatGPT, Albania may be able to avoid recruiting a small army of lawyers and translators. Instead, artificial intelligence will be instrumental in overcoming some of the problems in a cheaply and faster.

“Nobody had heard the name of a girl from Vlora, Mira Murati. We heard it when she surprised everyone with the artificial intelligence creature.

You know how life is, everyone has their own obsession. I have my obsession. I look for Mira Murati, and she gives me a telephone appointment.

I listen to a friendly voice that breaks the ice, and I dare to ask her for help to prepare Albania faster for EU membership. She laughs that maybe thought I was joking.

I ask if it is possible that instead of, as other countries have done, recruit an army of translators and a battalion of lawyers and spend I don’t know but tens of millions of euros to prepare the legal measures of EU, we try to do this through ChatGPT”, writes Rama

As a result of the agreement with OpenAI, on December 13 in Brussels, Albania will submit 280 thousand pages of legal measures that should comply with the EU requirements.

The model they use allows a detailed overview of the changes made and an overview of all the places where these changes will be reflected. In addition, the system allows analysis of the impact of all measures and changes made immediately. Something that usually requires more experts. We will find out soon whether the changes will be accepted in Brussels.

This is the second time in a relatively short period that Albania has used ChatGPT to create various services that complement the public administration. In August, Albania announced the development of the e-Albania system. The system will use a virtual operator with a module from ChatGPT. The module will provide real-time responses to potential system problems. The completion of the upgrade should be completed in ten months.

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