Montenegro and North Macedonia Join Forces to Apply for PayPal

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Montenegro and North Macedonia will jointly apply to be part of the PayPal online payment system, reports.

The Montenegrin Minister of Public Administration, Dukaj Maraš, stated that an important visit to Skopje is imminent, which is why he proposed the idea of a platform for a meeting with the Minister there.

“This is a highly significant visit, as it involves finalizing a memorandum between the two ministries of Montenegro and North Macedonia aimed at digitalization and information security. It is also the idea to have Montenegro and North Macedonia apply together for PayPal, which was suggested by the company itself,” he said.

Maraš mentioned that PayPal had advised that the two countries have a greater chance of becoming part of the online payment network if they apply together.

PayPal is already present in both countries, but…

PayPal has been available in both countries since 2014, when the company added Montenegro, North Macedonia and Moldova to its global portfolio.

Currently, however, even after almost a decade passed – Montenegro & North Macedonia are only able to send money via PayPal for the payment of goods and services over the internet. Receiving money through this platform is not yet possible, which presents a significant barrier for those planning to conduct online business.

Small Southeast European countries face some difficulties with Big Tech players – we recently covered a story which elaborates how Macedonian and Albanian language users cannot use Google Ads and Google AdSense.

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