Pig NFTs Revolutionize Croatian Farming with GoAgro Platform

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Croatian firms Agroporc, Beyondi, and Block Be have launched GoAgro, a unique platform that allows investors to delve into pig farming through the purchase of Pig NFTs.

Unveiled at a recent media gathering, the GoAgro platform presents an opportunity for the public to be part of Croatia’s future in food production. Its premier initiative is dubbed “My Digital Pig.

GoAgro offers a digital space where investors can breed and possess virtual pigs. This innovative approach allows crypto enthusiasts and budding agriculturists to step into farming without the need for conventional farming gear or hands-on farming tasks.

An investment of at least 250 euros is needed for each NFT, guaranteeing a yield of 100 kilograms of pork. The journey from a virtual to a real pig takes 900 days, with the pig growing at a yearly rate of 3%.

Importantly, Pig NFT owners have the flexibility to either hold onto their NFTs for the long haul or trade them.

Krešimir Kuterovac, GoAgro’s founder and Agroporc’s director, emphasized that the platform’s main goal is to support various farming projects through NFT issuance.

Funds raised from the sale of NFTs will be directed towards agricultural endeavors, with a focus on pioneering agricultural goods.

Croatia’s pig farming industry has faced significant hurdles in recent times, leading to a drop in self-reliance from 125% to 110%. Forecasts suggest a potential further drop of 20% in the coming two years.

GoAgro’s mission is to reverse this trend. Their strategy includes releasing 240,000 Pig NFTs in five stages.

To enhance transparency, each farm involved in the initiative will have webcams, allowing investors to monitor their investments in real-time.

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