SEE Tech News: Moldovan Fagura expands into Romania; Croatian platform offers ‘crypto pigs’; Bulgaria presents its supercomputer; Greece and Israel work on AI solutions for wildfire detection

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  • Moldovan fintech platform Fagura received regulatory approval in Romania to start operations in the local market as a crowdfunding services provider. The platform will offer an online financing option tailored for small and micro Romanian companies. *Source
  • Three Croatian firms have launched the GoAgro platform, offering investors the opportunity to buy “crypto pigs” in the form of NFTs. Priced at 250 euros each, equivalent to 100 kilograms of pork meat, a total of 240,000 Pig NFTs are to be issued, maturing over 900 days. After this period, investors can choose to reinvest, sell, or convert their Pig NFTs to real pork meat. *Source
  • Bulgaria has a special place at this year’s Thessaloniki International Fair. Bulgaria has presented its Discoverer supercomputer. Guests had the opportunity to observe real-time simulations and learn about projects that have been carried out with the complex machine, which is in continuous operation from Sofia. With the Bulgarian supercomputer, the business sector in the region can gain a great value and advantage, because the other one in the region is in Ljubljana. *Source
  • Greece and Israel are working together to develop artificial intelligence technology that would help in early detection of dangerous wildfires, the Greek prime minister said on a press conference. Israel and Cyprus are among several countries that have dispatched firefighting aircraft and crews to help battle wildfires in Greece that consumed vast tracts of forest over the last two months, but now the collaboration will expand into early detection, aided by AI technology. *Source
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