Record all your favorite songs from over 8000 radio stations with StreamWriter

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Thanks to the wonders of digital technology, the mind-numbing process of recording songs from radio stations has evolved for the better and it now allows you to find and record the songs that you like with great ease. There’s nothing more that StreamWriter would like to do.

The application may not look good, but it greatly simplifies the process of recording songs from radio stations by cutting out the middleman and automating the whole process. Simply run the app, for which there’s a portable version as well, and then add artists and songs to the wishlist. The moment that particular artist or song is on the air on one of over 8000 radio stations, the StreamWriter will automatically ‘grab it from the audio stream.

Don’t forget to go over the ‘Title Search’ tab in case you want to check the list of 1000 most popular songs; you can even sort them alphabetically, or by number of plays. The moment you come across a song that you fancy, right click it and select ‘Add title to automatic wish list’. The same thing applies for anything that’s on air by the same artist and, once the songs are recorded, you can play them directly from the application or use them however you see fit. It’s perfectly expected to stumble upon a song that’s overlapping with the previous or next song and in those cases, you might want to roll up your sleeves and do some manual labor. Selecting ‘Cut Song’ will let you shave off that irritating overlap, it’ll even show you a waveform of the song, let you cut positions or apply fade in/out effects. Whenever you feel you’ve done a splendid job of masking the problem, hit that ‘Apply fadein’ or ‘Apply fadeout’ button to seal the deal.

Before you start hanging out with StreamWriter please keep in mind that recording radio stations isn’t actually legal and it’s right up the alley with pirated downloads of mp3 songs. That said, far be it for us to stop you from checking the application for purely educational and noncommercial purposes. 😉

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