The Russian giant Yandex would like to develop GEO services in Macedonia

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The Russian giant Yandex would like to introduce GEO services in Macedonia. The intentions became known just last month, when the Business Development Director of Yandex, Andrey Gorshkov, talked at great length during an open event, organized by Gordian Technology.

Satellite imagery from Skopje and other parts of Macedonia are already available, but soon, users can look forward to geolocation services such as Maps and Navigator.

In a way, Yandex’s GEO service will be an upgrade to the already existing Google Map service, the one that allows users to find streets but not a particular building. Yandex will stand up in the crowd by overcoming this particular obstacle and allowing users to simply tag an object, such as a certain building, or a house.

Currently, Yandex is encouraging interested parties to take part into adding Macedonian locations into the system. For better coordination, there is a Facebook group where experiences can be freely shared.

It would seem that the feat of adding locations is far from being a complex one. After you create and account over at Mapeditor, you can start adding buildings. In case something goes wrong, you can look for a solution by checking the Facebook group or asking a question from the more experienced users.

January will mark an event for joined efforts to add as many locations as possible. Those who give their best and show initiative will be invited to Moscow for an orientation on how to become a moderator in Yandex.

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