SEE Tech News: Fintech trends, key SEE venture capitalists, lessons from crypto scams, Albanian AI pioneers

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Driven by emerging technologies, regulatory shifts, and evolving consumer expectations, the fintech landscape is poised for significant transformations this year. IT Logs reached out to several industry players and experts, providing a glimpse into the key trends and what is about to follow for fintech in 2024. Read more. 

The SEE region, once overshadowed by Western counterparts, has been emerging as a fertile ground for entrepreneurial spirit during the past decade. At the heart of this transformative journey are the venture capitalists who recognize and fuel the potential of these innovative startups. Read more.

Netflix’s recently released documentary, “Bitconned”, begins with a simple premise – all it takes to kickstart a scam is the creation of a seemingly legitimate company profile on platforms like LinkedIn. Read more. 

An AI pioneer in the making, Albanian startup Nullius in Verba is on the mission to set the foundations for the country’s young AI landscape. IT Logs explores the inspiration behind the startup and its vision to pioneer AI solutions tailored to the nuances of the Albanian language. Read more

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