Meet Nullius in Verba, the startup pioneering Albania’s AI solutions

An AI pioneer in the making, Albania-founded Nullius in Verba (NIV) is on the mission to set the foundations for the country’s young AI landscape. The brainchild of entrepreneurs Maris Basha and Ergys Malo, NIV was born out of a fervent passion for tech innovation and a profound belief in the transformative capabilities that AI has. 

In this interview with NIV’s head of marketing and business development Sorana Oana Filip, IT Logs explores the inspiration behind Nullius in Verba and its vision to pioneer AI solutions tailored to the nuances of the Albanian language. 

Their flagship product, Neura, which offers Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech officially launched on December 19 last year, and now aims to set new standards in accessibility, speed, and precision, hoping to make waves in various industries in the country. 

IT Logs: What inspired the founding members to establish Nullius in Verba, and how does the company aim to contribute to Albania’s technological landscape?

Sorana Oana Filip: Nullius in Verba (NIV) was founded with a vision to pioneer AI solutions in Albania, driven by a passion for technological innovation and a belief in the transformative power of artificial intelligence. The founders, Maris Basha and Ergys Malo, recognized the need for advanced language processing solutions tailored to the nuances of the Albanian language. By developing AI technologies on proprietary data and in-house trained models, Nullius in Verba aims to elevate Albania’s technological landscape by providing solutions that enhance efficiency and foster innovation across various industries.

Could you elaborate on the specific AI solutions that Nullius in Verba is currently working on or has already developed?

Nullius in Verba is currently focused on developing AI solutions tailored to the Albanian language. Our flagship product, Neura, which was officially launched on December 19, offers advanced Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech capabilities in Albanian language with a primary focus on accessibility, speed, and accuracy, the latter standing at an outstanding rate of 93-95%.

Neura’s transcription feature can transcribe 1 hour of audio/video in just 5 minutes, with dialect and slang recognition, punctuation accuracy, as well as timestamp and speaker recognition. The  voice generation feature can turn Albanian written text into 8 natural sounding male and female voices.

In what ways do you envision these AI solutions contributing to the advancement of various industries in Albania?

Neura’s applications extend across a variety of industries, such as Customer Service, Telecommunication, Media, or the Public & Government sector. By providing accurate and efficient language processing tools, Neura aims to enhance communication, streamline operations, and increase process automation. This contributes to increased productivity, cost savings, and a competitive edge for both private and public businesses in Albania.

How do you see the current business and technological environment in Albania providing opportunities for AI startups?

Albania’s evolving business and technological environment presents a ripe opportunity for AI startups like Nullius in Verba. The growing recognition of the importance of technology in various sectors, coupled with a supportive ecosystem, positions AI startups to thrive. Additionally, the demand for localized AI solutions, tailored to the business needs, creates unique opportunities for innovation and growth.

How do you see collaboration with academia, industry, and the government playing a role in shaping the future of AI in Albania?

Collaboration is key to shaping the future of AI in Albania. Nullius in Verba actively seeks partnerships with academia, industry players, and government entities. Collaborations with academic institutions ensure a continuous influx of fresh ideas and talent, while partnerships with industry and government foster the integration of AI solutions into real-world applications, creating a holistic and impactful ecosystem.

Considering the importance of skilled professionals in the AI field, how is Nullius in Verba attracting such talent? Do you look only in Albania or also regionally as well?

Nullius in Verba places a high emphasis on talent acquisition. We actively engage with local talent in Albania, recognizing the wealth of skilled professionals within the country. We recently added to the team two talented interns to assist with the growth of our operations. 

Simultaneously, we have a regional outlook, understanding the value of diversity and expertise from a broader talent pool. Our recruitment strategies include collaboration with educational institutions, participation in industry events, and fostering a dynamic work environment to attract top-notch professionals.

Beyond business success, how does Nullius in Verba aim to positively impact Albanian society through its AI solutions?

Nullius in Verba is committed to societal impact beyond business success. By providing advanced AI solutions, we contribute to the digital transformation of industries and fostering economic growth. Additionally, our dedication to education and collaboration aims to empower the local community, bridging the technological divide and ensuring that the benefits of AI are accessible to all.

Can you share any upcoming projects, goals, or milestones that the company is excited about?

Nullius in Verba is excited about several upcoming projects, including the continuous enhancement of Neura’s features such as Translation, Proofreading and Chat Assistant, increase of accuracy to 98%, offering of additional languages, expansion into new industry verticals, and strategic collaborations with key stakeholders. 

Our goals include further positioning Neura as the go-to AI solution for the Albanian-speaking markets, contributing to the growth of the AI ecosystem in the Balkan region, and achieving international recognition for our innovative contributions. Nullius in Verba has also been selected as one of the 12 startups to join the Mentorship Acceleration Program, and has secured a spot within the intensive 3-month Uplift Accelerator Program.

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