SEE Tech News: IT hiring roars back, sales intelligence insights, regional acquisitions

When will IT companies start hiring again? Data from shows that some of the big companies like Meta and Netflix have already started hiring aggressively. The other FAANG companies are not hiring yet, but the expectations are that there will be changes in this direction at Apple, Amazon and Google as well. However, Google also plans to replace some of its employees with artificial intelligence.* Read more

Founded nearly a decade ago, British-Croatian sales intelligence platform Cognism has a workforce based in seven countries including the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Croatia, North Macedonia, and Germany. In an interview with IT Logs, the company’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Stjepan Buljat offers insights into the essential elements that propel their platform to the forefront of sales intelligence.* Read more

Slovak e-commerce company Luigi’s Box acquires Czech competitor Persoo in a multi-million euro deal. The company will use the acquisition to consolidate their position as the search optimization leader in the Czech and Slovak markets. The deal also marks the first full exit from Czech VC Presto Ventures first fund Presto I, with the fund backing Persoo since 2019. * Read more

Georgian startup Wempler raised a $330K pre-seed round led by Czech VC Presto Ventures. The investment will be used for product development and market expansion, fully penetrating the Georgian market and expanding across the CIS region. The startup’s platform connects people to local businesses and individual experts to delegate one-off tasks. * Read more

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