SEE Tech News: Romania jumps 20 places on Digital Quality of Life index; Konzum opens first smart store; Serbia opens first smart police station

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  • Romania jumped an amazing 20 places at Surfshark’s Digital Quality of Life index, an index of more than 120 countries that measures the digital well-being of a country. Romania now holds the 14th place in the world, ranking above the US & UK, Canada and other countries. Romania is the only bright spot in Southeast Europe, as other countries experienced stagnation and even decline in their rankings. *Source
  • Croatian retail chain Konzum has launched what it says is the region’s first smart store, where shoppers’ purchases are automatically charged to their debit or credit card without the need to check out. In Croatia, customers can enter the Konzum SMART store in Zagreb, scan a QR code via the mobile app, select items and simply walk out. *Source
  • Serbia has unveiled its first Smart Police Station, leveraging the advanced expertise of the United Arab Emirates in the development and implementation of smart policing technologies and practices. The initiative is inspired by the pioneering success of Dubai Police’s Smart Police Stations, which provide security and community services around the clock, without human intervention. *Source
  •, a Romanian start-up that sells refurbished phones and tablets, is expanding its operations to the Greek market, the fourth country after Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. The launch in Greece is part of the company’s ambitious plan to change the way people in Central and Eastern Europe buy and sell electronics. *Source
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