Strategic investment positions OfficeRnD for global growth

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OfficeRnD, a prominent provider of coworking and hybrid work software, has recently secured a strategic investment from Blue Star Innovation Partners (BSIP), a Frisco-based investment firm. The collaboration with BSIP is positioned to advance OfficeRnD’s mission to establish itself as a leading software solution for coworking spaces and businesses engaged in hybrid work environments.

OfficeRnD’s rapid expansion and global recognition

OfficeRnD, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, maintains its core leadership and development teams in the region. They operate from offices in London, Australia, and the United States, strengthening their global presence. In 2021, OfficeRnD secured a $10 million funding round, further fueling their market expansion and earning them a spot on Deloitte’s list of the top 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the region

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Embracing the new normal: A rising demand for flexible work arrangements

In a world reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible work arrangements have gained widespread popularity. OfficeRnD, which has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 2015, is committed to addressing the evolving needs of employers and employees. With a diverse customer base spanning over a thousand companies in 70 countries, their Flex and Hybrid products offer the flexibility of remote work along with the social and professional advantages of in-office collaboration. 

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Miroslav Miroslavov, CEO of OfficeRnD, highlights the company’s commitment to serving its clients and achieving its goals through strategic partnerships. He emphasizes that this investment from BSIP will accelerate its mission to transform the coworking and hybrid work industries, which are experiencing a surge in demand. 

The collaboration with BSIP, known for its proficiency in property management solutions, aligns with OfficeRnD’s long-term strategy. This partnership will drive their expansion plans and introduce new features, enhancing the efficiency of property management and enabling flexible workplaces to focus on providing top-tier experiences to their users. 

Dan Wechsler, CEO of Blue Star Innovation Partners, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with OfficeRnD. He recognizes the quality of OfficeRnD’s software and its unwavering dedication to customer needs. The injection of capital, coupled with BSIP’s expertise in operations, software, and integrated payments, will accelerate OfficeRnD’s growth and product development. 

This strategic partnership not only strengthens OfficeRnD’s standing in the global market but also builds a path for further expansion into North America and collaboration with operational partners.

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