This Turkish defense tech startup wants to revolutionize border security with AI

  • Defense company and developer of next-generation smart surveillance and reconnaissance systems, RobotEye recently received a substantial investment from Turkish tech investor ARZ Portfoy
  • The investment is aimed at enhancing RobotEye’s border security solutions and gives the Turkish company a valuation of $12.5 million 
  • The development signifies a crucial advancement in addressing the pressing demands for defense and security systems across Western Europe, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and various Indo-Pacific countries grappling with border security challenges.

The Turkish company has made a rapid entry into the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance market with its devices specially developed for vast and challenging terrains where traditional human-based border security systems are not effective and communication infrastructure is inadequate. 

These smart systems offer cost-effective and fully autonomous solutions, due to specially developed, field-proven artificial intelligence algorithms.

RobotEye’s command and control software platform, “Central”, smartens up legacy devices, reduces human dependency in existing defense systems, and operates as a next-generation decision support system. RobotEye’s patented flagship product “Smart Trailcam – Solo” combines satellite connectivity and on-device edge AI to secure critical crossing points. 

Developed for tactical and special operations units, the “Eye” System provides situational awareness independent of any communication infrastructure in the field. The system enhances the security of special forces operating in both domestic and cross-border sensitive areas by protecting them against infiltration and sabotage threats, thus increasing their safety. 

“This investment from ARZ Portfoy will provide strong support to our company’s technology and vision. With this investment, we will accelerate our growth, expand our technological capabilities, and enhance our capacity to respond to international security needs,” said the company’s CEO, Ferit Cakici.

Murat Onuk, who serves as the Board Member and CEO of Turkish tech investor ARZ Portfoy,  highlighted that “defense industry ventures producing next-generation solutions that are intelligent and AI-based, requiring no human intervention, have begun to emerge worldwide” and that RobotEye “fills a critical gap in border protection and surveillance with their specially designed AI-supported smart surveillance systems”.

Recent security problems in various regions of the world have increased the need for AI-supported defense technologies and highlighted the importance of companies working in this field. Companies such as Anduril Industries, Helsing, Shield AI, which attract attention with their unmanned and smart defense solutions, have already reached billion-dollar valuations. 

Similarly, Athens-based Lambda Automata, which operates in the same field, recently attracted attention by securing a €6M investment from European Union countries – a development that shows how artificial intelligence-supported defense solutions are gaining momentum worldwide. 

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