Top International Speakers at AllWeb Albania Promise a Game-Changing experience focusing on the latest GenAI trends

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The annual conference discussing everything digital is ready for its 14th edition, 6th in Tirana, Albania. 

AllWeb, the premier event for digital marketing, communication creativity, and innovation in Southeast Europe, is back this year with a bang. With a lineup of high-quality content from international, regional, and local speakers, the conference promises to be a game-changer in the digital marketing and innovation space

“To prove our commitment, we have already announced a few of the ten speakers who will grace the stage on November 2,” said Darko Buldioski, a co-founder and program director of AllWeb. Among the speakers is Jay, also known as Jasmin Alić, who is the #1 LinkedIn creator and copywriter. “With a proven track record of writing for Fortune 500 companies and helping clients gain exposure in top publications, such as The Times, Huffington Post, Google I/O, and Entrepreneur audiences, Jay’s expertise in marketing and brand strategy is unmatched. What sets Jay apart is his impressive growth on LinkedIn, where he gains 1000 followers daily, even on days when he does not post,” adds Buldioski.

The main topic for this year’s conference is Generative AI, a hot topic that is transforming the marketing industry and helping brands deliver unforgettable customer experiences. The audience will have a chance to hear from Dave Birss, the go-to expert on using AI in everyday work.

“Over the last year, he has been exploring the world of Gen AI and made some incredible discoveries along the way. In fact, he’s become the go-to expert on using AI in everyday work, and he’s earned a reputation as the Sensible AI Guy. His courses on LinkedIn have helped countless organizations apply AI more effectively and achieve their goals,”- Gerti Boshnjaku from the AllWeb organizational board explains. 

With the right tools and expertise, data analytics can unlock valuable insights that drive innovation and growth. To satisfy the taste of those who love playing with numbers, AllWeb will host Steen Rasmussen.

“His approach to data analysis is truly unique and thought-provoking. Through relatable examples, he will break down complex data concepts in a way that even those with limited technological knowledge can grasp. It’s truly remarkable how a few simple sentences from him can completely alter one’s perspective on data analysis,”- highlighted the organizers.

AllWeb is a regional event that held its inaugural edition in Macedonia in 2012. Since then, it has provided a unique experience for specialists across a range of industries from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Notable attendees comprise prominent companies and brands specializing in digital transformation, marketing agencies, marketing experts, innovation consultants, development and programming professionals, ICT experts, mobile specialists, PR professionals, and social media experts.

Take advantage of the chance to stay ahead by attending the one-day conference in Tirana, Albania, on November 2. Get valuable insights into the topics shaping the digital market economy and make a solid impact on Albania’s overall business scene. For more info on the content and tickets, check allweb.digital


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