Valtech and Kin + Carta join forces for future-proof solutions in business transformation

At the end of last month, global business transformation company Valtech officially completed its acquisition of digital transformation consultancy Kin + Carta. This strategic alignment is aimed at fostering responsive and scalable solutions, propelling Valtech towards its vision of setting the standard for Experience Innovation. 

In an interview with IT Logs, Valtech’s managing director for North Macedonia and Bulgaria, Rade Georgiev talks about what are the expectations and goals behind the acquisition, and what makes the two companies a force in the realm of Experience Innovation.

Rade Georgiev

Rade Georgiev: In today’s fast-paced business world, being able to change and adapt quickly is super  important. Valtech provides solutions that not only help clients keep up with changes, but also let them grab new opportunities, grow, and stay ahead. 

The acquisition of Kin + Carta is a strategic move by Valtech aimed at strengthening the  foundations of our Experience Innovation capabilities. As a result of this acquisition,  Valtech will be able to develop agile, responsive, and scalable solutions with  unprecedented speed and accuracy.  

Looking ahead, we plan to set the standard for what Experience Innovation can do for businesses and their customers.  

By combining our complementary strengths—Valtech’s expertise in digital engineering,  experience design, data and AI-powered commerce —with Kin + Carta‘s excellence in cloud computing, product design, data, and Enterprise AI—we’re creating a powerhouse that will help clients not only achieve the expected efficiency benefits of digitalization but also drive future growth through innovative experiences.  

By bringing together two teams of highly skilled professionals across a wide range of technologies, platforms, and applications, we’re creating a deeper pool of expertise that will enable us to deliver comprehensive, agile, and future-proofed solutions. 

Valtech’s vision is to be the world’s most influential Experience Innovation company.  With a strong foundation in digital engineering, data and AI, commerce and creativity, Valtech is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative experiences and transform how businesses deliver growth.  

We don’t just solve individual issues; we look at the big picture and improve how all the parts of a business work together. By connecting the dots, we help our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage and drive long-term growth.  

As we see it, Experience Innovation happens when we combine cutting-edge technology with creative design. It’s about connecting everything that a company does to serve its customers in an elegant continuum. With Kin + Carta’s complementary expertise, we can now deliver this ‘Innovation Continuum’ with unmatched depth and breadth, helping clients build the agility and adaptability necessary to drive Experience Innovation and business growth.  

Moreover, together we have a broader geographical footprint and deeper industry expertise, allowing us to serve clients across a wider range of sectors and regions. This expanded global reach will enable Valtech to access new markets and penetrate existing ones more effectively. 

The acquisition of Kin + Carta will significantly enhance Valtech’s global reach and vertical capabilities by strengthening its position in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, among others. The combined strengths of both companies will allow Valtech to provide more comprehensive and tailored solutions to clients in these verticals, addressing their specific challenges and opportunities more effectively. 

Overall, the acquisition will position Valtech as a leading player in the global digital transformation space, with the ability to deliver innovative and impactful solutions to clients across industries and geographies. 

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