30 shortcut keys that everyone should know

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Keyboard shortcuts play a crucial role in our ongoing effort to become more time-efficient. Therefore, we decided to highlight over 30 keyboard shortcuts that you simply must know! In case we missed an important one, make sure you let us know in the comments below, the forum, or via the social networks.

Windows operating system

Shift + delete – bypasses the recycle bin and directly deletes the file from the computer. You would, then, have to use a separate program to recover the files, but only if you have not written over the data on the hard drive.

Ctrl + Shift + N – Creates a new folder

Windows Key + L – Immediately locks the desktop

Windows Key + D – Minimizes all open windows

Windows Key + Up arrow – Maximizes windows

Alt + F4 – Closes the window in which you are currently working

Ctrl + Shift + Esc – Opens the Task Manager. TM is extremely useful if an application freezes or if you want to check on the running processes

Microsoft Office Suite

A quick reminder that there are numerous free and highly efficient alternatives to Microsoft Office. Find out all about them right here!

Ctrl + S – Saves the document

Ctrl + B – Bolds highlighted text

Ctrl + A – Selects all text or other objects in the document

Ctrl + C – Copies any selected text or another object.

Ctrl + V – Pastes any text or another object that has been previously copied.

Ctrl + U – Underlines selected text.

Ctrl + Z – Undoes any action.

Microsoft Word

F7 – Runs a spell check on the selected word(s).

F4 – Repeats the last performed action

Shift + F3 – Changes the text from uppercase to lowercase or vice-versa

Ctrl + Backspace – Instantly deletes the entire pre-written word

Alt + Shift + D – Inserts date

Microsoft Excel

Shift + Spacebar – Selects the entire row

Ctrl + Spacebar – Selects the entire column

Ctrl + 1 – Changes the format of the selected cells

Shift + F11 – Inserts a macro sheet

Microsoft PowerPoint

Ctrl + M – Inserts a new slide

Ctrl + D – Duplicates the current side

Ctrl + G or Ctrl + Shift + G – Groups items, and vice-versa.

Ctrl + Spacebar – Removes manual character formatting

Chrome browser

Ctrl + T – Opens a new tab

Ctrl + Shift + T – Reopens the last tab you have closed. Repeat the combination to open multiple tabs you have recently closed

Ctrl + Shift + N – Opens a new window in incognito (private) mode, which is useful if you want to browse without leaving any trace in the history section

Ctrl + D –Marks a page as a favorite, or, in other words, it adds a bookmark for the currently opened page

Ctrl + R – Refreshes the current page

Ctrl + L – Moves the cursor to the address bar and highlights everything in it

Ctrl + F – Lets you search the page for text

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