Endi Milojkoski’s Raining Blobs is out on Android

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Several years ago, Endi Milojkoski began designing a game for a smartphone. Rainy Blobs was a cool game inspired by Japanese puzzles. Unfortunately, the game did not reach the mobile platforms and was therefore redesigned for PC, OS X (now macOS) and Linux.

“The Android version is identical to the Steam version. There are some discreet optimizations to make it work better on less powerful devices. The full version comes with integrated Play Services for Global Achievements and Leaderboards. Also, there’s a demo available on all three platforms, ” Endi Milojkoski said.

Rainy Blobs became the first Macedonian video game on Steam, but the game also managed to find its place on both Itch.io and Xbox. It took a few years, but Rainy Blobs is finally out on the platform for which it was originally intended. The final version is available on mobile platforms and can be downloaded from Google Play. As mentioned, the game was initially developed as a mobile application, but it hasn’t had the pleasure of gracing the phone users with its presence, until now.

Raining Blobs on Android is available in two versions, a full version that comes packed with all the features, and a demo version that has certain limitations set in place. You can also play the game with a gamepad, with fully customizable options.

“In the demo version you can play and see everything the game has to offer, but there are limits to where you can go.”, the developer explained

If you still haven’t tried this game, now is a great time to get it and relax.

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