“Launch in Macedonia” – Why you should start a business in Macedonia and how to do it properly

Startup Macedonia announced the launch of the Macedonia campaign, “Launch in Macedonia”. The project wouldn’t have been possible without their strong belief in the untapped potential in Macedonia.

The campaign starts symbolically, with the publication of a brochure that gets entrepreneurs better acquainted with the opportunities in Macedonia.

The brochure is primarily intended for international entrepreneurs. It’s to help them familiarize themselves with the exclusive benefits that come from investing in Macedonia.

“The purpose of the brochure is to inform, but also to attract international entrepreneurs and digital nomads. The local startup community can only become stronger by sharing knowledge and creating conditions for potential cooperation. By solidifying new partnerships and opportunities for doing business from Macedonia, our country will be able to compete on the global market “, author of “Launch in Macedonia” Dejan Aleksov said.

“Launch in Macedonia” is one of the first issues where one can find all the important data for opening a company in Macedonia. In addition, you can also find answers to other equally important questions:

  • How to get a work permit?
  • How to get a residence permit?
  • Which locations are available for co-work projects?

These are just some of the burning questions that Startup Macedonia is trying to answer in the brochure. More importantly, the booklet tells you how to find and get connected to the startup community resources and services in Macedonia.

“International entrepreneurs from any industry will find a cast of brilliant Macedonian professionals who are as economically competitive as they are talented and capable, on the same level as other professionals across Europe and the world. The outsourcing community in Macedonia is huge and we believe that it has the necessary potential for collaboration and new innovative businesses “, editor of “Launch in Macedonia” Victor Dano said.

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