SEE Tech News: Web3 trailblazers, dev superstars, and how to fight deep fakes

Sixty-year-old Jordan Stojanovski isn’t your average retiree. A veteran in the financial sector, Stojanovski has been making waves in the web3 space for the past few years, blending his 30+ years of experience in the tech industry. The reason behind this is his strong passion for exploration, but also as he explains, wanting to have “fun” by building various web3 projects. Read more.

A star in the developer community for the past decade, Croatian entrepreneur Ivan Burazin made a bold choice last year – he left the corporate world and the Croatian unicorn Infobip to start a new venture. Daytona is the bet that Burazin is willing to take – the self-hosted “Development Environment Management” platform raised 2 million dollars in pre-seed funding in November last year and managed to exceed the initial target and is backed by sound industry leaders. Read more.

A sophisticated fusion of artificial intelligence and media creation techniques, deepfake technology enables the generation of hyper-realistic images, videos, and audio recordings that can convincingly mimic real individuals. However, the technology also has its dark side, which is recently raising profound concerns about privacy, trust, and the potential for malicious exploitation. Read more.

Amid rising challenges, many countries are turning to modern technologies that can reshape the trajectory of their economies. Blockchain technology is one of them, and it does it  through the use of tokenization. In Albania, this process is becoming a reality through platforms such as T-Blocks, which connects asset developers with global capital by using blockchain technology. Read more.

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